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11026 Anzio Rd



11026 Anzio Rd

Tucked in the hills of Bel Air, sits this inviting contemporary home with a private pool, large beautiful garden, and grassy yard. Designed by Venice based architect Michael Sant, the home presents a quiet façade framed by the garden environment, creating a tranquil, peaceful living space. The language of form and fenestration is rigorously consistent to add a sense of calm, cohesiveness, and singular identity to the residence. Three L-Shaped vessels come together in the center of the clearing, forming an inversion of the natural canyon floor which captures sunlight falling beyond the shadow of the hillside. Beautiful and elegant in its deceptive simplicity, this property features 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. The kitchen, dining, and living areas flow effortlessly connecting the front and rear gardens. The honest materials and detailing – polished concrete, oak, stainless steel, and white walls of plaster give the home a grounded presence and experiential beauty. Native grasses and oak trees layer the garden creating an abundant play of light and shadow. The landscaping helps to contract the verticality of the steep hillsides with the horizontality of the stepped terraces while embracing the building and intertwining it with the site’s specific geographic location. A masterpiece of design for modern living.

Elisabeth Halsted
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11026 Anzio Rd, Bel Air    $5,250,000.00